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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Parliamentarians meet the European Union (EU) Delegations on Project ‘Nyamdrel’.

Parliamentarians meet the European Union (EU) Delegations on Project ‘Nyamdrel’.

The Members of Parliament met with the European Union (EU) delegation today at the Lhen-zom Khangzang today. The EU delegation led by Mr. Daniel Hachez, Head of Cooperation in Bangkok included Mr. Franck, the Head of Cooperation in New Delhi, and Mr. Shouvik, the Focal Officer for EU Funded Programmes.


Welcoming the delegation, the Speaker and the Chairperson of National Council, expressed gratitude for the support provided to the Parliament through Project 'Nyamdrel', which is implemented by International IDEA and Helvetas Bhutan. 

The Speaker noted that, despite initial delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the project has significantly bolstered the Parliament's capabilities. Accomplishments include a variety of training programs for both Members of Parliament and staff, international exposure visits, and the implementation of initiatives such as the Parliamentary Resource Management System (PRMS) and youth engagement programs. 

Furthermore, the collaboration with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has been reinforced and will be guided by a strategy document. Members emphasized the need for ongoing EU support, particularly in light of the upcoming National Assembly elections and the imperative to address the gender disparity in Parliament. They commended International IDEA's innovative and flexible approach, underscoring its crucial role in Bhutan's democratic advancement.

During the meeting, Mr. Daniel conveyed his satisfaction and delight regarding the project's success. He also informed that the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) had voiced concerns about their sustainability in light of the rise in the endowment fund and the need for prior approval from the government. He stressed that the augmentation in funding is going to facilitate the transition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) into the next phase of development.

The meeting concluded with discussion on potential future initiatives and EU’s sustained support. The Members also expressed anticipation for their continued efforts in similar programs.

The primary objective of the mission was to assess the advancement in the execution of EU-funded programs and projects in Bhutan. Concurrently, the delegation will engage with the Parliament and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to evaluate the project 'Nyamdrel's implementation progress.