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Thursday, 25 April 2024

Welcome to the National Assembly of Bhutan's website.


The National Assembly and its members are supported by a Secretariat that provides professional and secretarial services and ensures the Assembly runs smoothly. It is headed by a Secretary General, who is appointed by the Druk Gyalpo on the recommendation of the Royal Civil Service Commission.

The Secretariat has four divisions namely; the Secretariat Service Division, Legislative and Procedural Division (LPD), Information and Communication Division (ICD), and Research and Hansard Division (RHD). 

The Secretariat Service Division is responsible for general administration, finance, and human resources and leads planning and management initiatives.

The Information and Communication Division provides ICT, library and archive, printing, media, and communication services. It also manages public relations activities, public awareness, and education programmes.

The Legislative and Procedural Division is responsible for facilitating the planning and organization of Assembly sessions, committee sittings and providing professional advice on the constitutionality of bills, resolutions, and the legal implications of international conventions, treaties, and agreements.

The Research and Hansard Division is responsible for managing research, Hansard documentation, translation, editorial, and interpretation functions. The division also compiles and distributes the agenda for the session, transcribes debates, and translates research papers, journals, royal commands, important speeches, and other related documents.