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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

Welcome to the National Assembly of Bhutan website.

The Speaker

The current Speaker of the National Assembly is Honorable Lungten Dorji from Panbang Constituency. The Speaker is elected through a secret ballot from among the members of the National Assembly.

The Speaker presides over the National Assembly and enforces its rules for the orderly conduct of the proceedings, signs bills passed by the National Assembly, represents the National Assembly in its relations with the Druk Gyalpo, the Executive and the Judiciary, and establishes inter-parliamentary relations.

The Speaker takes an Oath or Affirmation of Secrecy before assuming office.

The Speaker, along with the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of Bhutan, the Chairperson of National Council and the Opposition Leader, is also responsible for nominating candidates to constitutional posts such as the Royal Civil Service Commission, the Anti -Corruption Commission and the Royal Audit Authority.

The Speaker wears an orange scarf and is entitled to the same privileges and benefits of a cabinet minister. The Deputy Speaker presides over the proceedings in the absence of the Speaker.