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Thursday, 25 April 2024

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Members of the German-South Asian Parliamentary Group calls on to the Speaker

Members of the German-South Asian Parliamentary Group calls on to the Speaker

A seven-member delegation of the German Parliament led by Ms. Renate Künast, Member of the German Federal Parliament, Bundestag called on the Speaker today. 

Extending a warm welcome to the delegation, the Speaker expressed delight in welcoming the delegation to Bhutan,  which he said “ is a testament to growing friendship between the two countries”. The Speaker also elucidated on the historical trajectory of democracy and parliamentary governance in Bhutan since its inception in 1953. Additionally, the Speaker underscored the decentralization initiatives in Bhutan, spearheaded by their Majesties the Kings, which have been instrumental in advancing the democratic reform process.

Ms. Renate Künast, the head of the delegation, commended Bhutan for its methodical approach to democratic governance, lauding the visionary leadership of their Majesty the Kings and the distinctive democratic model adopted by the nation.

The meeting between the German-South Asian Parliamentary Group delegation and the Bhutanese Speaker underscores the mutual commitment to fostering robust parliamentary diplomacy and advancing shared goals of international cooperation and friendship.

Collaboration between the two countries dates back to the 1980s while formal diplomatic relations between Bhutan and Germany was established on 25 November 2020, through the exchange of verbal notes.  



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