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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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Motion (4P1S/M1): Government to Draft and Table an Education Bill

Motion (4P1S/M1): Government to Draft and Table an Education Bill

The Member from South-Thimphu constituency moved the motion on the need for the Government to draft and table an Education Bill to Parliament today. The Member submitted that in the absence of an Education law allowed political parties to use the education system as political tools during campaigns, leading to inconsistent policies, improper resource allocation, and negatively impacting both teachers and students.

He submitted that the current education system suffers from poor quality and that it is timely, given the ongoing education reforms under the  Royal Command, to enact a law to strengthen the system.

During the debate, members supported the need for an Education law but were divided on its timing. The Minister for Education and Skills Development highlighted ongoing policies and the upcoming National Education Policy 2024, which aims for comprehensive education reforms. The Minister stated that, based on current evaluations, an Education Bill is not necessary immediately. The Finance Minister also pointed out that more than 21 billion Ngultrum has been allocated to the education sector in the FY 2024-2025, suggesting that the new policy should be prioritized before considering the Bill.

However, some members insisted on the urgency of the Education Bill to align with His Majesty's vision and ensure high-quality education for future generations.

The House directed the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to share the National Education Policy 2024 to the Members at the earliest, following which further discussions on the motion will be held.